Saturday, April 07, 2007

Scent of the Day - Weekend

Not wearing anything today - still debating on tomorrow.
What will be your Easter Scent?


besotted said...

Hello V dear, I'm wearing Musc Ravageur today. I'm thinking I may wear Hiris for Easter Sunday.

Love to all,
Terry xxxooo

MarkDavid said...

Hi V, I am still figuring out tomorrow's scent. I'm going through all of my florals and I can't decide. So maybe I'll just be uber rebellious and wear Guerilla 2, which Terry and I decided smelled like marijuana.

But I doubt it, lol.

Right now I'm wearing Lanvin Rumeur which is soo similar to Narciso Rodriguez but I'm ok with that b/c I love them both.

Madelyn said...

Happy Easter.
Would you believe I bought 3 bottles of Chanel No. 22 parfum from NY Saks ?
Yup.. I really did it this time. I just love it. I bought one for me, one for my mother and a friend smelled it on me today and had to have the last bottle of this exquisite scent.
I will be calling Chanel cus. servie to request they revive the Chanel 22 and 19 line. We need more than the EDT !
Hi Terry and Marc David . I love and have MR. Hiris Nar Rod!

MarkDavid said...

this evening it is Baghari on one wrist and Penhaligon's Duoro on the other. Loving them both, I think...

Madelyn, I bet Saks didn't know what hit them. Good for you, a perfect example of the Perfumista Power Buy. Congrats. And you smell absolutely DIVINE.

I'll call, too. I need No. 19 parfum to stay put until I can afford to buy it!!

no, on second thought Baghari is not for me...

Love, MD

Anonymous said...

Hello V, hello everybody,
Happy Easter!:-)
I'm wearing today PG Jardin de Kerylos, I'm, a big fig-fan. I like it, dry-woody and very greek.
But I smell nothing 'cos I'm sick...
Have a great feast!

besotted said...

Hi dear Vic, I went off the script and instead of Hiris I'm wearing Molinard Nirmala today.

Happy Easter! Love you all!
Terry xxxooo

TMH256 said...

Happy Easter V.! I think I'll wear Chanel No. 5 today. The occasion calls for it. ;-)


MarkDavid said...

ok, drumroll please....

My Easter scent is Apres l'Ondee by Guerlain. With just the slightest hint of Lanvin Rumeur.

I think its definitely a-propo.

You're all smelling delicious.


Flora said...

Easter? SL Un Lys, of course! :-)

Yeserday it was Datura Noir. I have no idea what my life would be life without Serge Lutens. I hope I never have to find out.

Heikke said...

Happy Easter!!

Shiseido in the brown bottle,lol

see you