Monday, April 23, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday - 04/23/07

Today I'm wearing Bond No. 9 - Coney Island. Really a great summer scent! My review to follow shortly.

What are you wearing today?

Yesterday I went to San Diego to the Nordstrom Fragrance Festival, and to visit my friend Tara and celebrate her Birthday. As usual the fragrance festival was not as much fun as the shoe and jewelry shopping and just hanging out with my friend. The last several times it has been rather disappointing, maybe because we have tried everything. No niche at this Nordstrom store and the mainstream stuff just isn't that exiting I guess. We tried the new Miss Boucheron, too fruity, and the new Issey Summer which was green, but so light and disappointing. Then there was ckIN2U her which was eh. Many items being touted as "new" which of course to us perfumistas were not new at all. I mean please ... Kors Island Hawaii? Betsy Johnson? Is that all ya got?

There were three new Givenchy Harvest scents which proved to be the most interesting offerings. They have taken Organza and added orange blossom, Very Irresistible and added rose, Amarige with ylang ylang. Quick reviews to follow shortly.

Tara and I agreed the Organza was the best one. Still not remarkable enough to buy, but if you love Organza, you'll be in for a treat. The bottles are very nice. Classic and uniform, and they were offering a great bag GWP, but we were strong.

Not so strong in the shoe department though. :O)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Victoria,
How about Thierry Mugler Alien perfume?, the ambergris with the jasmine sambac? do you like it ? Is in Nordsrtoms stores. I may have to go back and give that perfume another chance.
I tried Loree Rodkin's perfume , Gothic I and Gothic II , the ingredients are:
Vanilla, Near Eastern Patchouli, and accents of Opuim , Frankincese .
Price $250.00 for a small bottle.
I like to be fair, when i speak about perfumes, mostly because i know how hard is to develop them.
But Gothic I and II ,perfumes .
Do not suit me at all, very strong perfumes.
The patchouli ingredient , is very strong, it smells of another time , 1960's,1970's ? i do not know for sure.
All i can say is that i do not like the way this two perfumes make me feel. Old?
Anna L

violetnoir said...

It sounds like you two had a delightful time in spite of the limited and uninteresting fragrance offerings, V. Tara is such a delightful person!

But shoes and jewelry? Nordstrom has such a wonderful selection of shoes. I banged out two pair last month on my CC without batting an eyelash! :)


Victoria said...

Anna, I'm not so big on Alien, it was at the show though. :O) I do like both the Rodkins but that is a crazy price! They don't make me feel old, they make me feel broke.

Victoria said...

Hi Violet! I'm hoping to see you on Thursday at the Andy Tauer event! Tara's store in San Diego has a huge shoe department so it's more tempting than ever. :O)

lindabd said...

That sounds like fun, V! Glad you at least found SOMETHING to buy! :) Today I'm wearing the springy L'Artisan Fleur d'Oranger!

Arhianrad said...

HI Vic!

Sounds like a great time (the shoe shopping, that is, lol)!! The Nordstrom around us hasn't opened yet, but I hope to plunder them as soon as they do. I feel about the same whenever the Macy's and Saks nearby show me 'new' fragrances ('That's not new, that's been out for months!')

Victoria said...

Yes shoes are another passion of mine. And just like perfume, I'm running out of room to store them! Nordies has great shoes. :O)