Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Scent of the Day - Tuesay - 04/10/07

Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus for me today - I'm forcing Spring on this cool overcast morning.
What are you wearing?


besotted said...

Hello Vic and all you other lovelies out there, it's Alexander McQueen Kingdom for me today. Haven't worn this one in a while and am at a loss as to why - it's so beautifully woody, with a touch o'spice and a soft, well blended rose.
Have a great day, darlings!
Terry xxxooo

Madelyn said...

Dear V and Terry,
Hi! Today it's Chanel No. 22 again.
I love it !

MarkDavid said...

Hello darlings!!

Today it is Annick Goutal Neroli for me. I LOVE it. And over Ambre Sultan - it's even more gorgeous!! Mark needs a bottle of this.

Madelyn, you really are in love with 22, aren't you? I love it when a fragrance and I really fall hard for each other instead of me just liking it and buying it. That feeling of NEEDING a certain scent, its like an addiction - a glorious addiction.

Terry - should I try Kingdom? Will I love it and need it? It sounds right up my alley...


Arhianrad said...

Hiya Vic and everyone else...I took the cheapie route today and am wearing VS Moorea Passionfruit...but I admit, I'm curious about so many things...and so I went to Macy's at lunch today and tried out CK in2u (eh.) and now am about to try Eau d'Italie's Sireneuse (sp?)

tmp00 said...

Like Mark, I've been on an Annick Goutal jag: I'm forcing summer with Eau de Sud.

katiedid said...

I'm... revisiting Hypnose. NO, I don't know why. That bottle is too damn pretty for such an blah scent!

Shannon said...

I'm wearing Dzing! ... i got several compliments today too!

Anonymous said...

The comforting Cuir Beluga - a luxe leather, buttery soft/vanille scent. More vanilla than leather :)

Flora said...

I am giving up on Spring for now - I wore my ambery, sexy Alchimie de Rochas today. The gentlemen seem to like it - and the men who are not gentlemen like it even better. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic, everybody,

I'm still down with the flu:-(
So I need hyde up myself. Today by L'Artisan - Piment Brulant;-)
Love: Flo

chaya ruchama said...

Oh, Jeannemarie-
Me, too !
It's truly swoonworthy, no doubt.

You olfactory sngels sure stink pretty !

Nice choice, Vic !

Kisses to all my peeps.