Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wow, what a perfect afternoon and evening! Doing what I love to do; talk about perfumes with people who think like me. And today getting to meet a perfumer all the way from Switzerland, Andy Tauer. The Scent Bar in Los Angeles hosted this meet & greet, and my friend Debbie and I were the first to arrive! So we so got to take pictures and speak one on one with Andy. I must say he is so nice, such a sweet person, so easy to talk to. And since we have corresponded with each other over the internet, it was like meeting an old friend. My head is still spinning and as some of you have noted, I've not been keen on writing lately. Well actually it is more like the words just no longer come. Writers block or drought is more like it. But my perfume rush is still flowing and the last thing I want to do right now is sleep.

Andy told us the story of how he got started as a perfumer and brought along some absolute notes that make up the composition of his new fragrance, Reverie au jardin. You will be fascinated to know that reading Mandy Aftel's book on a trip to Kenya started it all. That and a little seduction by a frangipani tree that stirred his senses and made him think that he would like to try making some fragrances. And to that we are eternally thankful! It was interesting to smell the notes separated one by one and how beautifully they come together in this lovely new fragrance. Scent strips were passed around, bottles were autographed, we talked and laughed and shared our passion. It was perfect.

Afterwards several of us girls went to dinner and basked in the afterglow of this warm and friendly encounter. Still marveling at the fact, that yes, there are many of us out there with a common bond, this undeniable passion for fragrance.

You can read my review of the new Andy Tauer Scent by clicking the link below. This fragrance is fabulous, and even if you think you don't like lavender, this may be the one to make you change your mind. Just beautiful -

Reverie au jardin Review


besotted said...

Hi Vic, thanks for the wonderful report, sounds like you had a fabulous time! Great pics, you look lovely as usual.

Arhianrad said...

Thanks, Vic, for the report!

I am new to Mr. Tauer's creations, thanks to Chaya, but I can honestly say I wish I had been there :) Looks like it was a great time!!

chayaruchama said...

You look as delighted as you feel !
SO happy.

Ain't he fantastic ?
What a guy.

Don't know what I'm doing for comfort today- it's one cool, windy, rainy mess.
Something cheerful- like Liu, or perhaps La Chasse Extreme...

The good part is, I'm off this weekend, chaperoning geeky high school girls on the Cape, for the State Classics competition !

All of you who know me, know how thrilled I am about it !
[If anyone understands what it's like to be geeky in high school, I surely we'll have a LOT in common !]

Have a great w/e, my lovelies...

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Vic. Your blog got the scoop!

It was so enjoyable last evening meeting Andy and seeing my perfume buddies. Nice photo of you and Andy!


violetnoir said...

I wish I could have joined you, Victoria, because it sounds like a perfect perfume event. :)


dbeech said...

Hi V,

Great recap...I had such a lovely time. It was great to get to know you a little better. I am wearing my Anne Pliska sample that you so generously shared with me. As you predicted, a new love is born.


Madelyn said...

Hello Victoria,
Great photo of you !/You looked so happy and serene. I guess that's the effect Monsieur Tauer exerts!
What is your fave scent of his ( or top 2 let's say ) I am unfamiliar w his line.
You cut your hair . It still looks good .
Bom week-end !

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Vic! I'm glad you went and thank you for the report. :)

I'm still toying with the idea of purchasing his latest creation... but I'm hung on the lavendar.

Happy Friday.


google-fu queen said...

I really had a terrific time sniff sniff sniffin last night and of course meeting you and the others... Karen, Debbie, Iris... What a blast. Thanks for everything (I hope I got everyones name right!!) huggs

Victoria said...

Terry, I had a blast! Made a new local perfume friend too! I guess your flight was delayed?

Victoria said...

Hi arhianrad! We had a blast! I'm working on NYC in the fall, you better be there!

Victoria said...

Hey Chaya! Were your ears a'burning? We had a little chat about you my lovely and the correct way to pronounce your name!

Victoria said...

Hi Iris, so I did! So fun last night! I'm glad we got to have dinner. :O)

Victoria said...

Oh Violet, we missed you for sure!
You sweet thing, you must come next time!

Victoria said...

Hi Debbie, so fun! I knew you would love Anne Pliska, yay, another convert!!!

Victoria said...

google-fu, is that you? It must be who I think. :O) So glad you could join us. I know we will be seeing more of each other!

Victoria said...

Hi Madelyn, yes I cut my hair, still struggling with the style as my hairdresser went a little too far. LOL

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Le Maroc. And now this new scent of Andy's. Those are my two favorites.

Victoria said...

Hi Dawn, well I don't care for lavender at all, and I love this one. So that tells you what I think. :O)

Parisjasmal said...

How Lovely!

I was just chatting with A (who works there) last night as she sipped wine and hob nobbed with Andy. It sounds like everyone had such a lovely time!

You do look lovely, and Andy looks so dapper.

Between you and A, I am lemming the Reverie au jardin in a BIG WAY.

Thanks for shairing your wonderful evening!

Have a lovely day Vic!

Karenska said...

Thanks so much for sharing another wonderful scent adventure, Victoria. I have some AT samples coming from Luckyscent, and I can't wait to try them now!

Flora said...

How lovely that you got to chat with Andy! He is a real sweetite, I am so envious. Sounds like everyone had a great time. Nice picture of you both! :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Vic, thank you for sharing this event, I like the photo of you and Andy. I wish I could have joined this event, it's wonderful to meet people that share the same passion for perfume.