Thursday, April 26, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 04/26/07

NO SCENT for me today! Why?? Because I have the privilege of attending the Meet and Greet for Andy Tauer this evening at the Scent Bar in Los Angeles! Woohoo!!! (Well I may put a little Le Maroc on my neck just for the occasion) :O)
Taking off work early, it's going to be a great day! What are you wearing?


chayaruchama said...

Well, beloved, get ready to FALL IN LOVE...

I did.

Today is L de Lempicka-
The lovechild of MKK and Pliska.
I really like it.

Have a blast, and tell him I'm still singing to him !


besotted said...

Hi V, enjoy your meet & greet!
Hi Chaya, that's one wonderful sounding description, enjoy!
Hugs to all
Terry xxxooo

besotted said...

Ack!! Forgot SotD, it's Vivienne Westwood Anglomania today, and I am loving it.

Divina said...

Lucky you, Victoria! I am very very curious about Andy's perfumes. Have a fabulous time :)

Victoria said...

Hello Chaya my dear! I will tell him for sure.

Victoria said...

Hi Terry, thanks! I can hardly wait, hurry, hurry day!

Victoria said...

Thanks Divina, I hope they have the new one in stock, I got Gift Certificates to burn!

Arhianrad said...

Vic, have fun. Thanks to Chaya I now I have a 'thing' for Mr. Tauer. *sigh*

btw, sotd is Bois Farine :)

greeneyes said...

Hi Victoria! La Chasse today. :-)

Flora said...

You are SO lucky - I hope you say Hi to Andy from all of us!

I am wearing my new sample of Guerlain's Mayotte - just delish! I may become a Guerlainophile that a word? ;-D

tmp00 said...


Great to see you- We will have to do the county sniff tour!

Victoria said...

Oh my gosh I had a wonderful time!!
My full report to follow shortly!
Andy is just the sweetest person!

So nice to see you tmp00 that was an added bonus!!