Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Scent of the Day - Tuesday 04-03-07

Oh my I'm so behind today! I ran out of the house with no fragrance! Lucky for me I have a stash in my purse. So I'll be wearing PG Bois Copaiba.
What are you wearing today?


besotted said...

Hi V, glad you had a stash with you! Today I'm wearing one of the samps I got at Sniffa, Valentino V Absolu and it's really very nice, a floriental with a creamy vanillic base and a touch of Black Cashmere (copal?) incense, too.
Have a great day! Love to all,
Terry xxxooo

Madelyn said...

Dear V, Hi Terry,
I could live out of my purse on a deser island - for a month - and never run out of perfume. I have many samples with me at all times.
I was trying out Baghari .. I thought I really liked it at first.
But later on it smelled a bit metallic .
Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

Hi Vic....

Natural Motia Attar for me. It's by far one of the most beautiful jasmine and sandalwood scents I have ever worn.

I had on Brit Gold earlier but.... I was craving the Motia, so the Gold is history.

Waving hello to everyone. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi V, hi all,
I choose Ipanema today.
Finelly arrived from Luckyscent.:-)
And i'm soooo glad.
Have a great time: Flo

chaya ruchama said...

The mail just came, and along with it, my Violette Precieuse...

Wowzers !
It's LOVE,, baby !

Hello, Vic the Lovely, and my beloved stinkers-in-crime...

I love you.

tmp00 said...

I'm wearing Rahat Loukoum today. Just felt like I needed boozy cherries and almondy goodness for the drab foggy morning.

MarkDavid said...

It was Lorenzo Villoresi's Alamut for me, today.

I miss my Sniffa friends.

Love to all-

ladyjicky said...

Hi Victoria . I have a shocking cold/flu - so Nothing.Couldn't smell it if I bathed in the stuff.
Did you get my Post card??

lindabd said...

Hi, V! Good save with the sample. I keep a stash in my purse and office desk, too -- just in case.

Besotted, I have the Val V Absolu, too, and really like it. You must smell delish, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Today I'm wearing another old favorite, Carolina Herrera (the original). I must be on a nostalgic trip this week. Love that tuberose!

Have a nice evening, everyone!

Victoria said...

Thank you all for stopping by. Someone needs to slap me out of my funk! Hoping tomorrow is a better day!