Monday, April 09, 2007

Scent of the Day - Monday - 04/09/07

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I just can seem to decide on a scent today - I'm home just doing chores.

What about you?


besotted said...

Hello Vic dear, ugh! Those indecisive what-to-wear days are the worst. A little Anne Pliska maybe? You may enjoy that one... ;) Spicy, rich Guerlain Heritage for me today.
Hugs to you and all the lovely Victoria's Own crew,
Terry xxxooo

Madelyn said...

Dear V,
Today's it's Chanel No. 22 - parfum!
Again, can't seem to get enough of this jewel.
It's a gorgeous, sunny, sparkling day in manhattan. A Crisp spring day .
Hello to all 1
Maybe after your chores, you'll take a shower and feel refreshed . Then you'll choose a scent . sometimes that's what I do 1

chaya ruchama said...

I'm with Vic-
It took me a looong time to get my spooty booty in gear today, after a grueling w/e.

I started with my Acqua di Cuba [I love it, DH doesn't] , and then, B-day Liu and Cuir Beluga arrived- joy !
So, I'm a hodge-podge of everything.

You don't hear me complaining !

A good day to all.
Smooch !

lindabd said...

Late to the party, but wanted to drop in! Today was a lovely combo of iPdF Ambra del Nepal layered under AG Les Nuits d'Hadrien. Really nice! But tonight...I'm in sample heaven! In today's' mail I received the Ormande Jayne sample set and some samples from Gragrant Fripperies. Woo hoo! Is it possible to have enough limbs to test sixteen at once...? :) Have a fragrant evening, and enjoy your clean house, V!


lindabd said...

Ummm...and I'm so excited I can't spell! ;(