Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scent of the Day - Thursday - 04/19/07

Narcisse Noir for me today. I just recently discovered this beauty and bought a bottle. Caron is not my favorite house, but now I have three. :O)
What are you wearing this lovely Thursday-almost-Friday morning?


Madelyn said...

Dear Victoria,

Narcisse Noir is very beautifyl.. haunting even..
Today on a cold, overcast thursday, I am wearing Chanel No. 22 Parfum - Gorgeous +++

Anonymous said...

I tried several times to find a sample of the Narcisse Noir . One perfume that i must have to try. But for now i have to go back to my weed abetement clearence ( the fire department wants 600 feet of clearence), From my house ,down the hill, and keep going down some more . That is a lot of dry plant brush!!!!. Two huge truck loads of dry weeds. I do understand it needs to be done., since we are expecting a very dry summer , hardly any rain this year.

Robert Piguet
a sample from Neiman Marcus.
The Scent Event May 5-12, Neiman Marcus , with a fragrance purchase of 85.00 or more receive a transparent cosmetic bag with pink, black or white trim and fragrance samples.
anna L

MarkDavid said...

Feuilles de Tabac by Miller Harris for me with just a hint of Vicolo Fiori by ETRO.

Its a good scent day.

Love, M

dbeech said...

Hi Victoria,

Are you going to see Andy Tauer at Luckyscent? Maybe we could me at


Shannon said...

I'm wearing Jaipur Homme today; a very sexy scent that will be perfect for viewing Venus and the crescent moon tonight.

besotted said...

Hi lovelies, I'm wearing Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger today.

Hugs to all,
Terry xxxooo

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Parfum Sacre? Too heady and peppery/spicy for me. I wanted to love it because it is a classic. I ended up giving it to someone who swooned over it.


Victoria said...

Hi all! Nice to see you!

Jeannemarie, I think Parfum Sacre is very beautiful but it gives me a killer headache. I just can't wear it. But it's lovley. :O)

Victoria said...

Today there is a tiny hint that spring may actually arrive in NYC in 2007, but it's been oh so damp and cold and gray that only warm clothes and warm perfumes have been getting me through each day. Today I am wearing Neroli by L'Occitaine, which to me is so delicious that it evokes a feeling of contentment in even the gloomiest weather. When spring finally does arrive, I will gladly spray myself with Route du The for woman, Barney's signature scent. It's as clean and fresh and new-mown hay.

Victoria said...

Route du The is very nice! I tried to force Spring by wearing sandals today and my feet frooze and I was grumpy all day. Back to boots tomorrow. Casual Friday, anyway!