Friday, April 13, 2007

Scent of the Day - Friday 04-13-07

Today Reverie au Jardin - again - so lovely! And soon I will meet the perfumer in person! How exciting, yes?
What is your choice for this lovely Friday?


MarkDavid said...

It is Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien EdP for me today mixed with Mandragore. Love it!!

besotted said...

Hi V, MarkDavid! Frapin "1270" for me today. Vic, that's exciting news indeed!
Happy Friday, lovely ones,
Terry xxxooo

tmp00 said...

I'm in Encense et Lavande today-

what time are you going to see Andy? I'm going Friday at 5. Can't wait!

Victoria said...

Tom, I'm so indecisive!!! I'd love to meet up with you though. But I think Thursday might be better for me. I need to decide soon!

Arhianrad said...

Hi Vic! it's Saturday by now, but I tried on L de Lolita today, with a smidgen of AG Neroli (also trying out).

Anonymous said...

hail Merri
vetivert, oak moss, violet leaf, rosewood, tuberose and a touch of sweet pea.
hand-crafted by Janna Sheehan
$45.00 for a small bottle.
From Trancessence com.
I purchased mine from the Planet Blue Store. I also tried another from the series called , Whyte Rabitt, i did not like it as well.
anna L