Sunday, April 22, 2007

Scent of the Day - Weekend

No fragrance for me today, I'm off to a sniffing day in San Diego!

I'll be back Monday with the details and a review of Bond's new one: Coney Island.


Madelyn said...

Dear V,
I went online and sured perfume websites.. i almost ,,almost bought the following..Calandre, Chanel No.19 Parfum $159. (Perfume Country),
Miss Dior, Diorella, Dioressence, Aire De Cabochard(I love this one) Chanel No. 22 EDT .. etc. My God. I stopped myself. I did buy 2 candles Voluspa and a grapefruit - blood orage candle.
Today, I'm thinking of hitting the perfume district 28th Street and Broadway. My sister wears Alfred Sung - that's all . They have it very inexpensive. Her BD is May 9th,
i am restless - I have been enjoying Coco Eau de Parfum layerd over Coco soap. Superb !
when will you visit us in NY ?

Flora said...

I am wearing my Lucien Lelong Pour Femme this weekend, as I can no longer wear it at the office - apparently the lilac in it bothers one of my co-workers. It can be quite strong and I must exercise restraint when applying - but if I am at home on the weekend I can spray with abandon!