Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Today I'm wearing I Coloniali Javanese Cananga. Javanese Cananga (also known as Ylang Ylang) comes from Manila and the Comoro Islands.
Floral top notes
Musky and sensual heart note
On an amber base.
Made in Italy.


colombina said...

Am wearing Red Flower Cardamom & Amber oil layered with YSL Nu. Hubba hubba hubba. As Paris would say, that's hot! :-D

Victoria said...

I love that Red Flower Cardamom & Amber oil! I was just so overloaded the last time I was at Barneys - well, maybe next trip!

Kyahgirl said...

Clive Christian No. 1 today.

Victoria said...

Very Elegant Kyahgirl! Thanks for stopping by!

katiedid said...

Oh V, I love that one, too! It's kind of old fashioned, but such fun woody ambery goodness. I wish more folks would discover it, it's just wonderful.

I've been dithering all day over what to choose, and as a consequence have chosen nothing today. Ah, perhaps The Dreamer or Cuir Russie later, or... honestly I have about 50 things floating through my head today that all sound good, so who knows?

katiedid said...

D'oh! I meant to compliment you on the template makeover - it suits you so well, and looks wonderful.

Victoria said...

Thanks Katie! Well it started as a minor adjustment and just kept going till I was up all night. I'm not very good at html, I'm just faking it really. But you have been an inspiration.