Monday, January 09, 2006

- News To Me -

Did you know that carries a large selection of Etro Fragrances and matching Body Milk, Shampoo and more? Ohhh that Heliotrope Lotion will soon be flying my way.

Another great thing about and is their rebate program, incentives and free shipping. (Not to mention no sales tax for me here in CA) You get free shipping over $49.00 and as I said no sales tax, and 5% credit with every eligible product you purchase. They also have these amazing incentives like $20 off if your total is over a certain amount. So if I'm looking to buy something anyway, like this lotion for example, I just shop for regular drugstore items I would be buying at the store. What a deal! I love it. I just thought I'd share. :O)


Anonymous said...

Shop online today. Forget driving to the mall when you can just click the mouse and order from your favorite store. No traffic to deal with

NowSmellThis said...

That is a good deal, especially now that perfumebay's discount on Etro is much, much less than it used to be.

colombina said...

Do they have Heliotrope shower gel? mmmmm love that one.

Heikke said...

I love the Helitrope one!!
But there is lot's more Lotion on the way..

see you

Victoria said...

Yep they have the heliotrope shower gel too. And I have a $20 credit because I caved and bought that Clarisonic face brush. How OVERPRICED is that? I had a cheapie back in the day. I did like it pretty well though. I'll post after I get it.

I have not been getting my comment notifications so I'm behind in responding. Not sure what is going in.

But, thank you all for stopping by!