Saturday, January 07, 2006

Alessandro - Mazzolari

I recently recieved a sample of this as an extra in a swap. I had never even heard of it before. But maybe we will be hearing more about it. It definitely is worthy of some discussion. It really is what I thought Luctor et Emergo by People of the Labyrinths would be. It opens with a strong Play-doh note note that softens into a sweet honeyed almond via the soft powdery heliotrope. It seems to last fairly well, but as it turns soft, it stays close to the skin. For almond lovers this one is a must. The drydown is lovely, and it has more oomph then POTL. Humm now I want to check out more from this line.

Available at First In Fragrance


NowSmellThis said...

It reminded me vaguely of Caron Farnesiana too, but didn't like it nearly as well. The whole line has lot of oomph -- they are very strong scents. So far haven't found one that suits me. Love the packaging though, and very curious to know if they are radically cheaper if you buy them in one of the Mazzolari stores.

Victoria said...

I wonder too. Maybe I'll find out in May when I go to Germany.

I prefer my SMN Heliotrope parfum and my Farnesiana parfum, and I sold off the last of my POTL. Heliotrope is good but too much almond is not my thing.