Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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I'm wearing Laura Tonatto's E. Duse today, a beautiful violet fragrance. What are you wearing?


marchlion said...

oooooooh, E Duse, one of my most favorites! Nothing yet today, but yesterday I applied the LT Arancia. It goes on rather soapy, doesn't it? But dries down into a very cheerful thing, perfect for a rainy 42-degree January day. I find it interesting in that I can smell it around me but not on my skin.

Madelyn E said...

Dearest Victoria,

I am wearing Beautiful, eau de parfum. I layed with the body cream. I also, for touchups --after all perfume is aromatherapy - is it not? I carry the real perfume extrait as a roll on with me. Roll-on perfume is really fun - easy to use! Yesterday I wore Frangipane! Very warm and sexy Love to you. I called Anne Pliska today and ordered a sample!
Have a wonderful day!
Madelyn E

katiedid said...

Frederic Fekkai's Bouquet de Provence. There's something weird that happens on my skin with it, and I can't figure out how it happens - anyhow, I think I'm going to reveiw it for tomorrow in hopes I might find out if I'm the only one this weird thing happens to.

Victoria said...

march, I only had a sample of the Arancia. I only remember not loving it enough to buy the bottle. There are still a few I've yet to try.

madelyn, I just know you will love it!! I am 100% sure.

katie, I didn't know Frederic Fekkai even did fragrances. Who sells them?

katiedid said...

No one sells them now - discontiued. They were released in '97, as a joint venture between Fekkai and Chanel.

Victoria said...

Interesting! I never knew that. Good thing you don't love it too much then.

katiedid said...

I can't decide if it's love, hate, or meh! I'm seriously flummoxed! STILL! After all this time, and I tried it first a year ago.

Tanya said...

I'm wearing kenneth Cole Black - my brother gave it to me for XMas - he's probably the biggest kenneth Cole fan out there.

Heikke said...

A Hello from the Netherlands,
Perfect Veil for me today( just a sample)
see you