Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Zenzero - i Profumi di Firenze

Now here's the interesting thing - when Zenzero first came out, everyone was saying that it was just Ginger added to the Madgascar. While I was at Barneys last week, the SA "rep" told me this was not true. Now apparently different SAs are trained by the fragrance company reps in order to be more knowledgeable on certain lines. And this happened to be the trained rep who said they hear that a lot, but it's not true. She says it's a different vanilla completely. And there are other differences too, to which she did not elaborate. Obviously there are a lot more notes than they are spilling.

Isabella Imports, the distributor for iPdF in the USA shows these descriptions on their website:

"Zenzero – (Oriental/Spice) Vanilla orchid perfume is warmed up with white ginger to create a seductively addictive fragrance that is as elegant as it is earthy. Zenzero translates to ginger in Italian and was a favorite spice ingredient of the Medici family for their 16th century perfume recipes. Delectably rich and deep, Zenzero is as luxurious as the finest cashmere wrap and captures the sensual glamour of a beautiful fall evening. Vanilla orchid from Madagascar and White Ginger."

"Vaniglia del Madagascar – (Oriental) World’s finest vanilla from Madagascar renders this irresistible fragrance. Delectably rich and deep. A must for vanilla lovers! Vanilla Orchid and Vanilla bean from Madagascar."

Ok so the only difference I see is one has Vanilla Bean, and one has Ginger. Vanilla Bean has a very chocolately effect on my skin, I really prefer that over a straight Vanilla. But the Ginger in Zenzero really melds with the vanilla to become something else, neither vanilla or ginger, but a soft melange of the two with a light floral overtone. It's very pretty.

While sniffing around on eBay I happened to find the above picture of a bottle with a different label. Also interesting don't you think? The label says Vaniglia and Zenzero.

Bottom line - I bought them both, I love them both. I've taken to spraying one on one arm and one on the other. That way I don't play favorites. :O)


Anonymous said...

God, Vanilla is one of my weaknesses!! Enabler, enabler - LOL


Victoria said...

Oh the Madagascar is the best of this line and the best seller at Barneys! I'll make you a sample, remind me!

Den said...

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Check it out if you get the chance. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to know * where * you found the 'Vaniglia Zenzero'. I did a google search but cannot come up with anything in English. Help!! I want to buy it & try it!

Anonymous said...

Duh! I just saw where you said you found it. Thanks anyway, for such a great helpful site!