Monday, January 23, 2006

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I'll be wearing Anne Pliska today.

This is in honor of my new Blog dedicated to Anne Pliska. It also has ordering information and her toll free number.

Anne Pliska Perfume - Click Here

This lovely picture that at first glance looks like a dew covered rose, is actually a Geranium, a note found in Anne Pliska.


susanlyall said...

Hi Victoria,
You certainly must love this fragrance - how wonderful that you are promoting it so well. In Feb I plan to order PoTL from Lusciouscargo, and I see they send samples, so I will order it then. I love the way they tell you how to pronounce Anne Pliska in their sales blurb. Maybe you should do this on your blog - it sounds so beautiful!

NowSmellThis said...

A whole blog for Anne Pliska! That is love, LOL!

marchlion said...

That's a beautiful photograph! And I love the one of the hummingbird.

Today I'm wearing Chamade :-)

Victoria said...

Hi susan, yes please report back and tell us what you think. More people love it than don't, so the odds are in your favor!

R, yes, I really do love it above all. It deserves a tribute page!

March, this photo, although it may look like a rose, is actually a geranium, a note in Anne Pliska!

Thank you all for stopping by, enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth W. Sweet Tea for me today. Great pic of the "geranium - rose". I like your tribute site to Anne Pliska.


boisdejasmin said...

The photo is so stunning! I would never have guessed it was geranium, since the petals do resemble rose very much. I am wearing Une Rose today. :)

Victoria said...

Dawn, I must wear my Sweet Tea this week, I miss it. See you Wed night!

V, thanks for stopping by. Une Rose is lovley.

Anonymous said...

I love Anne Pliska and I just found it cheeper then anyone else at