Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Scent of the Day - 01/11/06 - What's Yours? - Log In!

Laura Tonatto Fiori d'Arancio for me today. I beautiful Orange Blossom. To rival L'Artisan Fleur D'Oranger. What are you wearing?


Christina H. said...

I've got on Fifi and love your scent of the day.I beg to differ with the L'Artisan.(I'm a fierce defender of it,lol!!)
The post card photo is just plain old fashioned gorgeous!

Victoria said...

Hi Christina! Well I have convinced myself that $60 smells better than $250. LOL, no, acutally, I really do perfer it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria! =)
Lovely blog you have going here. My scent today is Guerlain Nahema.
I thought I really liked it earlier, but I think it's a bit too rosy for me, if that makes sense. I like roses mixed with spices or amber, I think. After wearing this most of the day, I can really smell the rose clearly. Lovely, but probably not for me afterall.