Thursday, January 26, 2006

New York Fling - Bond No 9

This fragrance is special to me because I bought it in NYC from the Original Bond Store on Bond Street. It's very sparkling and effervescent, the way I hoped Yvress would be. The bergamot in the opening keeps it fresh and clean. The cardamon mixes with the whites florals to spice things up, then comes a nice lingering drydown of amber and musk.

A little talked about No 9, that really sparkles, this one is underrated. It really commemorates anyone who has ever had a Fling with the city of New York!

Top: Clementine, bergamot, cadamon
Middle: Peony, lily of the valley, freesia and basil
Base: Cedarwood, amber and musk


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria!

I am wearing my creation from last night. I actually like it. That was fun last night. When you're ready to hit South Coast Plaza again, let me know. :)***twisting your arm***


Victoria said...

Dawn!! I'm writing it up right now! I just can't decide if I want to post it here or POL. It really is pretty funny by light of day.

Seeing that ad on the projected screen, and the seriousiness of the presentation. OMG!

Victoria said...

Sorry Katie! - I accidently had two Scent of the day posts going and I deleted the one you responded too before your post hit.

You said: "*ears perk up* Cardamom you say? Hmm, may have to stalk ebay for a decant one of these days... "

It's really more a sparkling bergamot/floral/amber. But I do think you'd like it. If you love cardamon, you can pick it out. But it's not heavy.

Anonymous said...


The presentation was "seriously" humorous. It was funny because it was done in such a serious tone. I made the assumption afterwards that Sean John is very arrogant. The juice was nice, but that darn PLASTIC cube it sat in really cheapened it for me. I feel that the cube should have been done in glass.

I just want to know where we can purchase those synthetic oils they had. The quality was very good.

Cait Shortell said...

Hi Victoria,
The combo of bergamot and cardamom appeals to me, especially with clementine. It reminds me of a favorite combo of orange flower water and cardamom in Arabic pastry. Gotta check this out.