Saturday, January 28, 2006

Black Amber & Black Lotus

Today I'm reviewing my two newest scents from LuckyScent. I was fortunate enough to get to preview them when I went to the Scent Bar in LA. Both are created by Michele Bergman who also created Black Gardenia. Both in darling glass bottles with ornate caps. They also come with cute black logo travel pouches.

The first fragrance is Black Amber:

Notes are: Dark and light Tunisian amber, vanilla, hint of patchouli

Black Amber is not necessarily black and dark and deep as expected. It is a nice medium amber finding its way somewhere between the medicinal and the powdery. Tempered with a touch of vanilla and a hint of patchouli, this is a very nice amber to add to any amber lover's collection.

The second fragrance is Black Lotus:

Notes are: Lotus, sweet floral notes, soft musk

Black Lotus is really a misnomer in this case. In fact, Mandy Aftel and Michele Bergman should have worked out a switch. Mandy's Pink Lotus is so dark and deep and heavy. While this version called Black Lotus, is light and sweet and well ... pink. Opening with a fruity sweetness calling to mind candy apples, it soon calms into a soft sweet floral on a base of light musk. Very sexy, clean and nice for those of you that prefer a slightly sweet skin scent. Although I love the amber, I think I'm partial to the soft sweetness of this one.


NowSmellThis said...

I do love those bottle caps, V. But I am not familiar with this line at all -- what are they, oils or regular alcohol based fragrances? And have you tried the Gardenia? Black Gardenia sounds more likely to appeal to me than Black Amber or Black Lotus.

Victoria said...

They are perfume oils. I don't remember how the Gardenia smelled, since I don't like Gardenia all that well. But you might like it. I do remember thinking it was better than Kai, but then I don't like Kai either.

colombina said...

Lovely bottles. They look tiny though, which makes sense since these are oils.

Victoria said...

Yes, small bottles, they are 1/2oz.

michele bergman said...

i am the girl behind the oils! thanks for the positive vibes about my oils! i dont like kai either,but blackgardenia is simply the best intoxicating true flower scent for the die hard gardenia addict! I love the Lotus too! So sexy and pretty!!
Cheers Michele B

Victoria said...

Michele,I'm so honored that you stopped by! Thank you for your comments. I must try the Black Gardenia. I'm afraid that I may have had a preconceived notion about it before I tried it, thinking it might be too heady.
Thanks again, truly!

michele bergman said...

victoria,I feel honored that you gave my oils a nice review! The gardenia is heady but it blends with your skin and smells like yummy sweet skin! teenagers are wearing it aswell as french snobs!!! The Blacktuberose is sunny and sexy!Try my website
Cheers,michele B

michele bergman said...

victoria,I have been looking at your site for hour!!!Very impressive! Now I feel even more honored to recieve a thumbs up from you! I have a huge obsession for Paris aswell! I moved ther at 18 at stayed for 3 years! Speak perfect french and married a frenchman! I would love to meet you! I am a fashion stylist formerly with french Elle!
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Victoria said...

Michele, I sent you mail but it was returned as undeliverable. Maybe a blocker on your end?
You can wite me at:
I would love to get in touch with you!

Karah said...

I LOVE BLACK GARDENIA! It's very sexy & smells amazing on my skin.
I am so impressed by this scent!
I am a true gardenia fan & this is perfect! Thanks Michele--you nailed it!:) Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Black Lotus? I can not find it for sale anywhere now. I bought both the Black Gardenia and the Black Amber at Luckyscent and yet no Lotus. I would love to own it, if anyone can help. Hopefully Michelle will see this and help. My email address is

Help Please.