Friday, January 13, 2006

Scent of the Day - 01/13/06 - What's Yours? - Log In!

Fiday the 13th!! TGIF is what I have to say about that! I'll be wearing my new Samsara Parfum.


Christina H. said...

Why do always have what I want!I would also love to acquire the Samsara parfum too.Did you get this at a major retailer or online?
My scent of the day is Chanel Gardenia.Did you take all these Paris photos?They are always a beautiful addition to your blog .

Victoria said...

Hi Christina! Hummm I dunno, we are scent twins? I bought the Samsara parfum and matching cream from ebay. You gotta get some, heaven, I tell ya.

Yes the pictures were taken by my hubby or myself. We took over 800, so I'll be able to share for a few years. LOL! Ocassionally there will be something I didn't shoot, obviously, like the postcards or the art prints.

TGIF, enjoy your day!

marchlion said...

Ooooh, Samsara. Another Guerlain fan.

Today I did a random sample (stick the hand in the vial storage box, no peeking.) SMN Heliotropo. Almonds, heliotrope, a weird Play-Doh note -- then it disappeared entirely! I mean, in like 3 minutes. I have weird skin. Not that SMN is heavy... I'm going to go dump on the rest of the decant. If I get the same result, it'll probably be on to LT E Duse, my New Violet Love, my tiny sample is almost empty :-(

Victoria said...

Ohhhh marchlion, E. Duse is my next purchase!

colombina said...

I did a random sample too today, wearing Carrement Belle Kilim. It's ok, nothing special. :-(

Madelyn E said...

Dear Victoria,
It;s always such great Fun to log into your sites. I, too, am utterly fascinated with perfumw. I have been alternating this pas t week with my 2 new "babies ' Chantecaille's Frangipane and Velvet Rope. Both were purchased or consumed at Barney's in Long Island. They are somewhat similar to me -- because they are both amber- like with some different nuances, of course. I also have been wearing Estee Lauder's Beautiful - eau de parfum layed with the body cream. I seldom seek out EL frangrages - I most often prefere the French ones. All three are wibnter scents to my nose. They envelop me in a cocoon of musk which is s
9I sure hope ) sexy. I have a guilt complex, Victoria. I have the extrait of Joy , Opium. Fleurs De Rocaille et Bois Des Ilkes. I feel I should ' use up' my older ones before I use my newer ones. ehat do you thibk about this terrible predicament ? Also I found le Tee Mariages Freres at William Sonoma. I got the Vanilla one-- although i was considering the Darjeeling and Fruity floral one. All were loose and looked quite formidable and tantalizing lined up on the shelf. What do you recommend as fa as MF teas and how do you like to imbide them and where do you buy them. I trust your elegant taste Victoria as you have a JOie De vivre that we can all emulate.! Love to you . Seriously when you visit NY I and my fellow perfume lover Eileen (she writes too) would love to meet you and take you out to a lovely lunch maube at Bergdorg Goodman they have a beautiful cafe located ( Where Else) next to the Beauty department)
Bonne parfumee Journee!
Madelyn E

Victoria (bois de jasmin) said...

Another Samsara fan! I have been hunting for the parfum, but I could not find anything decent, and I ended up settling for the EDP. I will get the parfum at some point too.

Today I am wearing 100% Love.

Heikke said...

Yohoo,for me today
Keep it fluffy by

I really like the name , is so cute

a good weekend