Saturday, January 28, 2006

Pink Jasmine - Fresh Index

Top: red orange, freesia, spring lilac
Heart: magnolia, peony, fresh jasmine, tiare flower
Base: precious woods, velvety peach skin, marsh mallow

Ok, I keep breaking my no jasmine rule. So what does that mean? I guess it means I like like jasmine sometimes. After all I really love Marc Jacobs Blush. But as I have explained before, according to the notes of Blush, there is no regular old jasmine in there. Fresh lists "fresh jasmine" in their notes. As opposed to?? So maybe I do like jasmine as long as it is fresh. As you can see by the notes, there's a lot more going on here than straight jasmine. But it does still manage to come across as a jasmine scent. Opens with a fresh citrus note but soon calms into a soft sweet floral with jasmine as the primary note. It is fresh, crisp, clean. Perfect for Spring or as a pick me up in a stuffy winter office.

Now if someone can just make a non-tuberose tuberose scent.


Heikke said...

I'm with you, normally I don't like Jasmine.
but Pink Jasmine sounds yummy !!

Victoria said...

I think you will like.