Thursday, January 26, 2006

Unforgivable - Sean John

Last night myself and a couple of POL friends attended a "Perfumer’s Workshop" persented by Nordstrom. I think we were hoodwinked. I know we were hoodwinked. Hoodwinked. Isn’t that an odd word?

We were told there was to be a 90 minute presentation by two French perfumers from the house of Givaudan. I’m not sure why we were told this, the perfumers were French (One of which was David Apel) and may be also working for Givaudan.

We were told it was a presentation on a men’s fragrance - that was true.

We were told there would be another part to the presentation where we could play around with mixing our own fragrances – True.

What we were not told was the name of the fragrance. Are you ready for this?????

SeanJohn. Pronounced “SeanJohn” all run together and with a slight French accented twist. Are my ears hearing correctly?? Sean … John? P. Diddy?? Puff Daddy?? I really almost felt I might burst out laughing. They were all so serious. Next comes the video where “Sean John” thanks Estee Lauder for giving him the opportunity to create this fragrance. All in his street talk lingo style, I mean not to the extreme, but not proper English either. He talks about some of the inspirations for the scent and then …

The photo of the ad. YUP. There it was. Dawn and I looked at each other in disbelief. We sat there quietly thinking about the 3 pages of POL posts trashing the ad and the whole raunchy mess as the serious, elegant and prestigious presentation was being made.

It was surreal.
But here is the kicker – It smells great. Both Dawn and I really liked it. It’s very fresh and clean smelling. I love bergamot. There is an opening blast of bergamot with Mediterranean air accord and a Cashmere accord.

There was a man sitting by us and he bought it. He said that he also like the packaging and he thinks other men will too. The bottle is gray and slightly rounded and sits in an acrylic base on your dresser/counter. To spray you lift the bottle out. Dawn and I both thought the acrylic looked cheap and glass would have made a nicer presentation. Maybe a glass base, then you could buy refills. Nordstrom lists the notes as: Sicilian lemon, champagne, Tuscan basil and smooth rum.

So there you have it! But we really did have fun experimenting with all the scents they had set up for us to play with. A whole tray of notes with droppers and bottles for mixing. Then the perfumers would come around and help you out if your scent didn’t come out exactly the way you wanted it. I used six notes for mine and I was very pleased with the results, even the perfumer liked it!


marchlion said...

Somebody reviewed this recently-- I can't find it -- but it was favorable. Yep, P Diddy -- read on NST about the flap regarding the ad, that's the OLD one, replaced by the new one showing Two White Wimmin, and they're not in bed, either. FWIW I'm probably not going to be picking up a bottle, but I think Diddy's actually a smart man who's trying to expand his brand to clothing, etc. -- so far with a certain grudging respect from the critics, at least on the clothing end.

NowSmellThis said...

Way cool, you met Dave Apel! Sounds like a great event.

Victoria said...

Yes, that was fun! Even better, he really liked my created fragrance. Of course I didn't see him jotting down the notes or anything, LOL.

colombina said...

Did they let you keep the scent you created??

Victoria said...

Yes, There is about 8ml of it. I just tried it again, I really like it. It's mostly amber with bergamot and purple orchid. I would definitely buy this. It was just a fluke it turned out great, I had no idea what I was doing.

Heikke said...

cool, so we can get some Victoria's Own soon!!
That would be great!!

Victoria said...

My Dear, it's now called:
rêve d'ambre
and is quite exclusive.

boisdejasmin said...

I was trying to post a comment, but kept getting an error! Arggh...

It must have been so much fun!!! Now, I really want to smell your perfume.

BTW, nice colour scheme. Very pretty. I adore purple too.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to find a critique of this cologne so I googled it. After reading your words for Diddy, I just would like to know why you judged him. It seems like you don't think he is capable of doing something like this or good enough. Diddy is no idiot, nor do you have to be on a saditty committee to make money or design something, or be good at something for that matter. Sean Jean is not new, in fact it's a very innovative clothing line and it has made a fortune. Where have you been? While I am not the biggest fan of this particular ad, it's symbolic of the name of the cologne. I didn't write this to get you heated and if you respond I probably won't see it but I just think you should be a little more optimistic and accepting rather than judgmental.

Victoria said...

Not sure what makes you think I judged him, and if it appeared I did, it was only in his ability to make a fragrance since this is his first attempt. And as you can see by the review I did like it.

I'm sure he is a very savvy businessman. I never said his brand was new, I said this fragrance is new.