Sunday, January 15, 2006

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I'm wearing Keep-It-Fluffy, how embassasing!


Christina H. said...

Hi Victoria!How are you?I've got on K.Mecheri Loukoum.(chuckling)who makes Keep it Fluffy?Have a great day!

Victoria said...

Good Morning! I'm up early but going back to bed for a little nappy soon. The maker is:

Heikke said...

Skin by Trussardi today
Have a good Sunday


Madelyn E said...

Darling Victoria,
i sprayed on my new VelVet Rope. It has a sexy amber - vanille like dry down. It could almost be worn by a man. Yesterday, I wore ny newly purchaes Chantecaille's Frangipane. My friends who are fans of Carolina Herrera and Fracas were not crazy about thid one -- But i love tgeir smoldering esxuality. Have a Beautiful day as you deserve. What plans do you have for our collective St. Valentin;s DaY-Love,Madelyn E

Victoria said...

I have not thought ahead to valentine's day, but since it falls mid week it's doubtful that we will go out to dinner. But we'll see. I usually wear Anne Pliska for any special ocassion.