Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Délices by Cartier

Top Notes: pink pepper, frozen Morello cherry & Sicilian bergamot
Mid notes: freesia, violet & 3 types of jasmine: pink, white & yellow (homage to the Cartier Trinity ring)
Base notes: tonka beans, amber & sandalwood

Created by perfumer Christine Nagel, Délices de Cartier is their sixth women's fragrance and the first since 2003's Le Baiser du Dragon. The gorgeous bottle was designed in-house and references one of Cartier's 20s era art deco brooches. The presentation of the Parfum is visually stunning. The red and clear falcon with a red ribbon styled top adorned by a clear jewel. All incased in white satin. it truly looks like a jewel.

Those of you who fear cherry cough syrup, fret not. The cherry note is spiced up with a little pink pepper in the opening to keep it warmer and spicier and less sweet, while the bergamot keeps it fresh. There is a similarity here to Emanuel Ungaro's Apparition. If you like one, you'll probably like the other. I heard the EDT was not particularly long lasting so I opted for the parfum. Less than 2 hours after I left the store not a trace of the EDT remained. Although it was nice in the opening and its bottle is beautiful as well. Especially in the large size, very beautiful.

Now available in the US at Cartier boutiques, Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman. Available in March at Cartier boutiques internationally, and starting in April at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Sephora & Macy's.


Heikke said...

Nice bottle!!

NowSmellThis said...

Hmmm...trying to keep an open mind, but not thrilled about those notes! Bottle is lovely though.

Patty said...

Agreed on the bottle, I wish they sold it separately. :)

Annieytown said...

I will sniff it when it comes to Cleveland's Nordstorm. I am not sure I will love this one based on the notes...but you never know. I have an open mind.

boisdejasmin said...

What a lovely bottle! I cannot say that it is appealing though, but I shall wait till I try it.

colombina said...

Pink pepper and freesia spell disaster for me :-( But the bottle is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I smelled this and it was okay, very soft. EDP disappeared after about 2 hours. Beautiful bottle. I purchased Miss Dior Cherie instead. Also sweet but had more to it, Last a bit longer also. Also a pretty bottle. Very sparkling and happy frag.