Friday, January 27, 2006

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Today I'm wearing my own creation from the perfumer's workshop. It doesn't have a name but I adore it! The amber was so smooth and soft and sweet.

Notes: Bergamot Orpur, Purple Orchid,
Mediterranean Air Accord, Oxygenated Water Accord,
Amber, Cashmere Accord, Patchouli


colombina said...

Victoria, it sounds very interesting!
Wearing Space NK Melodrama today. I like it, very much a Classic Luxurious Big Occasion Scent.

Victoria said...

Humm I haven't tried any of the Space NK scents. (That I know of anyway) I'm not much of a chypre fan, although I do love a few, but I love me some bergamot!!

Victoria said...

Oh!!! I have my name!!!!

rêve d'ambre

You likie???

marchlion said...

I reread your post regarding Sean Jean (I'm sorry, Shawhn-Zshohn, accent on the second syllable). I have to ask: after the lights came up on the Unforgiveable presentation, were you in any way tempted to say anything? You know, along the lines of, you have got to be kidding? Did you gauge any reactions from others in the room?

Victoria said...

Well we were in the very back so it was hard to judge the reactions of the others. We were both pretty stunned, I have to tell you.

After they said Shawhn-Zshohn about 5 times, then they started the video ... That's when it was all I could do to not blurt out ...
"Ohhhh!! You mean P Diddy!!" I was cracking up at the thought of myself actually doing that.

katiedid said...

Oxygenated water accord? *snerk* Oxygenated water tastes a whole hell of a lot like REGULAR water, just a little less mineral-y sometimes. Sometimes. The whole world's gone plumb cupcake-accord crazy, I think.

Love amber, though... amber, patch, and orchid sounds quite pretty.

Victoria said...

Oh Kaite, I agree, it's crazy with all the accords, enough already!! But it did smell nice, so what can I say? My latest peeve is the colors of suede. I want to know the diff between white suede and any other freakin' oclor of suede.