Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My trip to the New Scent Bar and Barneys

(Alternate Title: "Oh, this is the last one we have in stock.")

Oh I was soooooooooo bad last week. So very, very bad.

My trip to LA: Where shall I start? Went to Scent Bar, met Franco from Lucky Scent. He's very nice. Cute store, easy to find. Just blocks from the Farmer's Market and Macy's. Most of the products are there for testing. I talked up Anne Pliska and left him a roll-on decant I had with me. Didn't buy anything, but sniffed two new ones coming out by Black Gardenia - Black Amber and Black Lotus. Loved them both. Sniffed several other new ones that didn't get the names since I didn't like. Did retry the Divine line and almost bought one, but resisted. My friend has them all and I'll retest again. Left there feeling relatively unscathed. Took my camera, but I was all in such a scent frenzy I didn't remember to take even one photo.

Had a great lunch outside at a little cafe right there on Beverly Blvd. Saw a little boutique near where we parked the car, went in and chatted with the owner a bit. Bought a small something I can't disclose because a friend may be reading this.

Then came Barneys. Which at first seemed like it was not going to be worthwhile. They didn't have several things I wanted to try. Like a few of the Laura Tonattos and the iPdF Mirra. Nor did they have any scoop on the new Keikos since they stopped carrying the line. So I'm standing there thinking well maybe I'll buy something from the iPdF line. So I end up buying Zenzero, one I had tried before but it didn't thrill me. Someone had told me it was just the Madagascar with Ginger added. The SA rep was there and she said that isn't true, it's a different vanilla all together. Anyway it smelled great. Maybe the difference from smelling it in the heat of the summer and in the winter, but it was nice. Then I tried their peach. Wow! So nice. What the heck, I'll get that one too. Then here comes my friend with Velvet Rope, saying, "You must try this!" Yep, one sniff and I threw that on the pile too. (Review below) Then we are at the Chanel counter and I'm having a sample of Allure Sensuall made. I have been wanting to try at home. On the counter is this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, bottle of No5 something. Turns out to be bath milk. The bottle looks like a freakin' factice. My friend is getting one and of course there is only one left. (Oh and it's a limited edition.) We get to talking how after I use it up I could fill it with purple water for my bathroom. SOLD!!! Ring 'er up! It smells divine. Just divine I tell you.

Oh the pillaging did not stop there ....

My friend had tried the Bvlgari Rouge Tea but I hadn't, it was getting late, but SAKS was right next door. Run in for a quick sniff. Yeah right.

Well I loved it. And the sweet 70+ year old SA who openly admitted the Clive Christian's sitting right next to the Bvlgari were not as good. So I bought it. Then I went over and sniffed Escada's new summer scent. Nice, but I'm not getting sucked into buying those, I end up never wearing them. Ahhh but there is a HUGE Marc Jacob Blush display.

I tell the lady, I have Blush, I love it. The SA says, well now would be a good time to buy a back up bottle because we have this great gift with purchase. (And of course, there is only one left - standard line, I'm sure - but I fall everytime) It is a really cute silver bag with blush, lip gloss, mascara gloss and a fragrance roll-on. So I say what the hell, I've been wanting the PARFUM. SO I BUY THE PARFUM!!

Holy cow.

Are you still with me?

So by then I'm turning pale and feeling faint, and the SA says, well if you open a Saks charge you can take 10% off. Oh ok, that makes it all better - heck throw in one of those Fresh Geisha EDPs too.

10% off the rest of the day you say??? Lordy, good thing it was late and we had to go.



Heikke said...

mmmmh, guess I will move back to the USA

see you

Christina H. said...

Well,I had to run here to read this first after anticipating all day yesterday what kind of damage you were talking about.I see clearly now!You can do some serious shopping,can't you!!?Wowee,I think it would be a blast to shop with you and I'm sure all the SA's love,love,love you!Now,what does your husband think of all this and does he come with?!
I now don't feel so bad after all,but I want the Blush parfum too and fall hard for people saying it's the last one or it's a limited edition.You just get so caught up for the moment and cave.I am happy to not feel alone!!Enjoy your stash,and WHAT A STASH IT IS!!!!!!!!!! :P

Victoria said...

Heikke, please move to LA!!

Christina, I knew you could relate!
Good thing I don't do that very often. I hardly go to the stores at all. Hubby, well he puts up with all the chaos because it makes me happy and I have made so many friends. He thinks I have enough perfume now. LOL

katiedid said...

Oh good lord, my head is spinning just reading that.

You say a iPdF peach? Which one is that? (It's a trick to keep them straight for me for whatever reason, and I can never remember the ones they make that my own local boutique doesn't have on their shelves.)

And I hope to get the low-down on what the Fresh Geisha is like soon :)

Victoria said...

The Geisha is a bit sharp and tart.
I can send you a sample if you'd like. :O)

The peach is FLorentina 22:

Patty said...

What a great bonanza! You truly are the Yoda of Shopping. :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't if feel good to be bad? lol

Sounds like you had a great time. Does the Blush Parfum last longer than EDP spray? Can you tell a difference scentwise? Dawn

Victoria said...

Yes, it will be great for my collection either way. Hope I love it.

The Blush parfum, unlike the EDP, is more constant. The EDP will fade in and out. The parfum is pretty much there. A little sweeter, stroner and more jasmine like. But still not heady. In other words it's great. And the bottle, it has a long tapered glass dip stick. So classic. Sorry I can't think of any reason to talk you out of it.

Madelyn Etkind said...

Dear Victoria,
Whew ! I am faint but with breathlessness and deja vu after read your exhilarating whirlwind perfuming! Alors, I must sadly admit , that I on more than one occasion have fell victim to the escalating climatic rush of yet another :lifeaffirming " Scent acquisition. You should see my Perfume Vanity !! I loved reading about your humorous tale of pillaging .. I know you will enjoy all your preay ! I love Chanel No. 5 bath products. They are soo feminine and classically female . They , in and of themselves hold a promise of romantic escapades to follow. After reading about your shopping frenzy -- I feel liberated and validated. Pity those poor ( and probably much richer in their bank accounts) that do not know the joyride of discovery and possesion of another fragrance. Indeed, a mon avis -- it is aromatherapy. Carry on 1 Love to you dear Victoria and readers. Love Madelyn E

Victoria said...

Madelyn hugs to you my dear!

So impatient to use my No 5 Bath milk, I took it in the shower with me and used some with my sponge. It smells divine.