Saturday, January 14, 2006

Clarisonic Skin Care Brush

Ok people, I took the plunge. I impulsively ordered this face brush from They had a $20 credit back rebate, I had cash back credit from prior purchases, no sales tax and free shipping. Oh and did I mention they also had a $20 off any $170 purchase. So I ended up spending about $148 and I still have that $20 credit. (I LOVE!)

Well the reviewers on the page, all but one, gave it FIVE stars. One gave it FOUR stars. And now that I have tried it for 3 days, I give it FIVE stars too. Never has my face felt this clean after washing. Not even with a buff puff or facial scrub. It's simply amazing, that's all I can say. I really feel my moisturizers are being absorbed better. During the day if I happen to touch my face, it feels so soft.

Many years ago I had a battery rotating facial brush. A cheapie. I did like it, but it was NOTHING like this. Nothing. I love that you can take this in the shower with you. It is heavy and substantial feeling. Tonight I had the bright idea of turning it loose on my elbows. So I'll update you later on the results of that. After I do may face I just go over my elbows. But I can tell you they feel softer already.

Now keep in mind, I am using my own soap. I tried the cleanser that came with the unit and I didn't like it at all. I use Seikisho Kose Facial Soap. (Which also by the way has a FIVE star rating.) This soap in addition to being black and decorative and curved to fit against your face is a great soap on its own merit. Falling in between a glycerine soap and a traditional bar, it leaves your skin with no residue without over stripping.

I really can't say enough about the combo of these two, but I am so pleased I wanted to share with you.

So is it worth it? Absolutely. Definitely. Positively. Yes.

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